Who drove for Force India 2016?

Who drove for Force India 2016?

The Force India VJM09 is a Formula One racing car designed by Force India to compete in the 2016 Formula One season. The car was driven by Le Mans winner Nico Hülkenberg and Sergio Pérez, and used the Mercedes PU106C Hybrid power unit.

How much did Force India sell for?

In October 2011, Indian company Sahara India Pariwar, purchased 42.5% of Force India F1’s shares at US$100 million….Force India.

Previous name Spyker F1 Team
Next name Racing Point Force India
Formula One World Championship career
First entry 2008 Australian Grand Prix
Races entered 203

Is Force India still racing?

Background. On 27 July 2018, Force India Formula One Team Limited, the operator of Force India Formula One Team for eleven seasons, was put into administration. By 2 August 2018 its assets were purchased by Racing Point UK Limited, a company created by a group of investors led by Lawrence Stroll.

What is Force India’s new name?

Racing Point F1
The Force India name will disappear from Formula One next season, after 11 years of competition, with the British-based team entered as Racing Point F1 on a list published by the governing FIA on Friday. The chassis name was listed as Racing Point, with the company name Racing Point UK Limited.

Where is Narain Karthikeyan now?

As of now, the plan for February 2021 is that Narain Kathikeyan will lead a three-man team to compete in the prestigious Le Mans Series in Abhu Dhabi. The Indian team will be using an ORECA O7 car. Narain was quoted saying “I have been dreaming of going back to Le Mans for a few years now”.

Who is the owner of Force India?

businessman Lawrence Stroll
Who is the new Force India owner? Canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll led a consortium to become the new Force India owner. Stroll reportedly invested a whopping £182 million into the British automobile brand.

Who is fastest Indian car racer?

Karthikeyan started 2001 in the Formula Nippon F3000 Championship, finishing the year amongst the top ten. In the same year, he became the first Indian to ever drive a Formula One car, testing for the Jaguar Racing team at Silverstone on 14 June.

Did BWT change to Aston Martin?

BWT became what was then Force India’s lead backer ahead of the 2017 F1 season and stayed with the team through its transitions into Racing Point and then Aston Martin, though its presence in the Aston livery was considerably smaller as Cognizant became its title sponsor.

Who is best racer in India?

1. Jehan Daruvala. Jehan Daruvala, a Mumbai-based racer, is making waves in the Formula One world. To suggest he is India’s best shot at Formula One racing is an understatement.