Who has covered Amy Winehouse songs?

Who has covered Amy Winehouse songs?

Artists covered by Amy Winehouse

The Zutons 73
Sam Cooke 30
Andy and Joey 28
Isham Jones Orchestra 13
Little Anthony & the Imperials 10

What songs does Sam Smith cover?

The Best Sam Smith Covers Out There

  • Ed Sheeran, “Stay With Me”
  • Daniela Andrade, “Latch”
  • Kelly Clarkson, “Stay With Me”
  • Cher Lloyd, “Latch”
  • Nick Jonas, “Lay Me Down”
  • Jessie J, “Stay With Me”

Did Amy Winehouse do any cover songs?

Unfortunately for fans, Winehouse’s addictions prevented her from completing another studio album. One of her final projects was a cover of Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party” for the Quincy Jones tribute album Q Soul Bossa Nostra, which was released last November.

What is Amy winehouses best song?

Amy Winehouse’s 20 greatest songs – ranked!

  1. Love Is a Losing Game (2006)
  2. Back to Black (2006)
  3. You Know I’m No Good (2006)
  4. Rehab (2006)
  5. Tears Dry On Their Own (2006)
  6. What Is It About Men? (2003)
  7. Valerie (2007)
  8. Between the Cheats (2011)

Which 2007 Amy Winehouse song was a cover from the previous year?

“Valerie” is a song by English indie rock band the Zutons from their second studio album, Tired of Hanging Around (2006). The song was later covered by Mark Ronson, with lead vocals provided by Amy Winehouse, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart in 2007….Year-end charts.

Chart (2007) Position
UK Singles (OCC) 9

Did Amy Winehouse cover mercy?

Critical reviewers of “Mercy” noted similarities between the song to releases by Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and the Supremes, as well as contemporaries such as fellow British singer Amy Winehouse….Mercy (Duffy song)

Released 11 February 2008
Recorded 2007
Studio Bookerland
Genre Soul

Who wrote Cyndi Lauper Time after time?

Cyndi Lauper
Rob Hyman
Time After Time/Composers

Who covers time after time?

This Time After Time cover is by one of the most sensational artists on the internet as of today….Support Leona Lewis by visiting their Social Channels below:

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Who wrote the original song Valerie?

the Zutons
“The song was originally written and performed by the Zutons, a British band. Valerie Star, a celebrity make-up artist living in New York, told VICE that she used to date the band’s frontman, Dave McCabe, and that the song is about her.”

Who originally sang mercy?

Mercy (Duffy song)

Label A&M
Songwriter(s) Aimée Ann Duffy Steve Booker
Producer(s) Steve Booker
Duffy singles chronology

What does the second hand unwinds mean?

The second hand is the long ‘hand’ of a clock, the one which counts off the seconds. The second hand unwinds means that that hand goes backwards (anti-clockwise) rather than the normal forwards (clockwise), so I suppose it means ‘time goes backwards’.

Who sang the best version of Time After Time?

More videos on YouTube Most people that will hear the song title ‘Time After Time’ will surely have Rob Thomas or Matchbox Twenty in their mind. That’s how good this cover is.

What song did Stevie Nicks write prince?

Stevie Nicks — “Stand Back” (1983) Nicks cowrote “Stand Back” with Prince, and she credited Prince’s hit song “Little Red Corvette” as the inspiration for it. Nicks’ song hit No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1983. Listen to the song here.

What do The Zutons think of Amy Winehouse?

The Zutons have admitted that people think they are covering Amy Winehouse when their perform ‘Valerie’. The song featured on the Liverpool band’s ‘Tired Of Hanging Around’ album in 2006, after which Mark Ronson picked it for his ‘Version’ covers album.