Who is Michael Junior the comedian?

Who is Michael Junior the comedian?

Known as one of today’s most gifted comedians, Michael Jr. brings laughter and understanding to audiences all over the world. Michael got his start performing at the legendary Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach: home of Jay Leno and “The Tonight Show.” This outstanding performance led to Michael Jr.

Who is Michael Junior’s wife?

Michael Joiner aka Michael Jeffrey Joiner (born 1958) is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and film maker….Michael Jeffrey Joiner.

Michael Joiner
Spouse(s) Michelle Joiner
Children Dustin Joiner; 19, Jack Joiner; 17, Max Joiner; 16
Website michaeljoiner.com

How much does it cost to book Michael Jr?

The estimated speaking fee range to book Michael Jr. for your event is $30,000 – $50,000. Michael Jr.

What is the name of the comedian dog?

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
First appearance February 13, 1997 on Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Created by Robert Smigel
Portrayed by Robert Smigel
In-universe information

What movies has Michael Jr been in?

Selfie Dad2020
War Room2015Thou Shalt Laugh2006Ocean’s OneNo I in Security
Michael Jr./Appears in

How old is Michael Junior singer?

36 years (April 21, 1986)Michael Junior / Age

How much does it cost to hire Bob the drag queen?

Available Comedian Bookings

Artist Lower Price Range Availability
Bob the Drag Queen $20,000.00 Generally Available
Bowen Yang $50,000.00 Generally Available
Brandon Leake $10,000.00 Generally Available
Bretman Rock $35,000.00 Generally Available

What breed is Junior?

If you’ve seen Cesar live or have watched his recent TV shows, then you’ve met Junior, the gray and white pit bull who is always by his side.

What happened to Helmut Lotti?

The singer is moving house and intends to settle in Germany. His move also means the end of his marriage to female journalist Jelle Van Riet. It was Helmut Lotti in person, who announced the news on his Facebook page. The success of “The Comeback Album” and the subsequent tour made him decide on the move to Germany.

How much does RuPaul charge for an appearance?

This website reports that having an appearance from RuPaul Charles costs under $25,000. RuPaul can also be booked for “virtual appearances, live-streams, or virtual shows.” Still, this drag performer is considerably busy, especially with All-Stars 5 and future Drag Race-related appearances.