Who is the villain in VIP Korean drama?

Who is the villain in VIP Korean drama?

“Lee is certain to appear on ‘VIP. ‘ He will be a far-out devilish character,” said the agency. Lee will act as a serial killer and the son of high-ranking officials in North Korea.

Is there romance in VIP Kdrama?

Hyun-ah’s romance with Cha Jin-ho, for example — and especially the way she learned to open up to him — was the perfect story to offset the disturbing look at Jung-sun and Sung-joon’s crumbling marriage.

Who texted in VIP?

Spoiler. At the end of the first episode of “VIP,” Na Jung Sun received an anonymous text message informing her that her husband was cheating on her with one of her co-workers. The message, which was sent from an unfamiliar number, stated simply: “Your husband’s mistress is a member of your team.”

What is the ending of VIP?

The last scene is of Jung-sun at a funeral of a VIP member. She sees Jung-sun there so they walk outside together and pleasantly chat with the snow falling softly on their umbrella’s. They both wish each other well and walk away in opposite directions. And that is how it ended!

Who sent the text message in VIP Kdrama?

Yoo Ri
Yoo Ri was the one who sent the text to Jung Sun? Well, that changes everything. She wasn’t a helpless young girl who happened to get caught after ending an affair with a married man. She was intent on making the married man hers, and sent that text to break down the marriage.

Is VIP Kdrama a happy ending?

Where is High Class filmed?

Over its first few episodes, Korean drama High Class neatly set up its characters and story against the idyllic backdrop of Jeju Island, but it felt like it was missing something. That something turned out to be an element of surprise, and with only a few weeks left, we’re still waiting.

How many episodes of High Class are there?

16High Class / Number of episodes

Who is Yu Ri in VIP?

Pyo Ye-jin
She is an overworked mother of two who is desperately looking to get promoted. Mi-na sneaks off to have covert meetings with other department heads every now and then to discuss potential job opportunities. Lastly, there’s On Yu-ri (Pyo Ye-jin).

Who is Jung-Sun in VIP?

Na Jung-Sun (Jang Na-Ra) works for a team that deals with VIP customers of a department store. She is married to Park Sung-Joon (Lee Sang-Yoon), who works on the same team. The couple face an unexpected case, which causes their lives to fall apart.

Is VIP drama happy ending?

Who is Jung Sun in VIP?

Who is Na Jung Sun in VIP?

Does high class have a happy ending?

The ending was somewhat happy, with the shadow of Ji Yong disappearing from everyone’s lives. The ending showed the healing relationship between Yeo Wool and Na Yoon, it wasn’t something we were expecting.