Who is the woman at the end of Resident Evil: Afterlife?

Who is the woman at the end of Resident Evil: Afterlife?

Her appearance at the end of Afterlife, as well as her outfit, is a nod to Jill as she appeared in Resident Evil 5. Originally, Jill Valentine was to appear in Resident Evil: Extinction as the leader of the convoy.

What happened to Claire and Chris in Resident Evil: Retribution?

Both Chris and Claire are easily defeated by Wesker and trapped in stasis pods. Chris is desperate to reach his sister as the pods descend underneath the floor of the throne room. Finally, Wesker is defeated by Alice with the help of K-Mart, and Alice releases Chris and Claire.

What happened to Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Retribution?

She is used as bait to lure Barry Burton out of hiding; Barry surrendered under the threat and was gunned down after successfully killing One.

What happened to Chris Redfield in Resident Evil: Afterlife?

By the way, in Resident Evil: Afterlife, Chris Redfield just happens to be conveniently jailed in the Los Angeles prison where Alice holes up with other survivors. Oh and he manages to reunite with his sister Claire who doesn’t quite remember him because mind control devices (don’t ask).

What happened to Jill Valentine in Resident Evil final chapter?

She did not appear in the final film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016), apparently dying offscreen. According to Jovovich, Valentine was excluded because there were too many Resident Evil characters to include in the film.

What happened to Leon Ada and Jill?

Ada, Leon and Jill, who do not appear in this film, are explained to have died in the Washington Battle, with Jill being stabbed in the eye by Wesker’s tentacle and Ada and Leon being eaten by a mutant.

What happened to Jill Valentine in Resident Evil: Retribution?

Set in 2006, the Lost in Nightmares DLC showed Valentine and Redfield searching inside a mansion for Umbrella’s founder; to save Redfield from Wesker, Valentine tackled the latter through a window. Neither of their bodies were recovered, and Valentine is declared dead.

What happens to Jill after re revelations?

After the events of Resident Evil 5, Jill’s status became a mystery until Resident Evil Revelations 2. In an email to Barry Burton, it was revealed that she is still recovering from being placed under mind control, but expresses her longing to go back to field duty.

Does Leon marry?

He was also involved in the incident within the Eastern Slav Republic, but was captured and thought to be a terrorist by many of the people there….Leon S. Kennedy (Alternate Timeline)

Leon S. Kennedy
Relationship: Married
Spouse(s): Claire Redfield
Status: Alive
Weapons: Heckler & Koch VP70 Beretta 92F Custom ‘Samurai Edge’ AKMSU

What happens to Jill after re3?

In that game, fans learned that Jill was abducted by Albert Wesker and was put under mind control via a device that has been placed on her chest. Towards the end of the game, Chris Redfield and his new partner Sheva Alomar were able to free Jill under Wesker’s control and return her safely to the BSAA.