Who is Unnikrishnan daughter?

Who is Unnikrishnan daughter?

Uthara UnnikrishnanP. Unnikrishnan / DaughterUthara Unnikrishnan is an Indian playback singer. In 2015, she won the National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer at the 62nd National Film Awards for her rendition of the song “Azhage” from the 2014 Tamil film Saivam, a family drama directed by A. L. Vijay. Wikipedia

Is Vasudev Krishna Unnikrishnan son?

Vasudev Krishna, son of popular singer Unnikrishnan, has been regularly collaborating with his father and sister Uthara.

What is the age of Uthara Unnikrishnan?

18 years (June 11, 2004)Uthara Unnikrishnan / Age

Who is singer Vasudev Krishna?

Vasudev Krishna, the son of popular singer P Unnikrishnan is all set to make his entry as a playback singer in Kollywood. The youngster has recorded a song for E P Ko 306 (formerly titled Kodishwari), a film which deals with the NEET issue.

Who is Unni Krishnan son?

Vasudev KrishnaP. Unnikrishnan / Son

Is Uthara daughter of Unnikrishnan?

Singer Unnikrishnan and daughter Uthra share a similarity that not many can boast of. They both bagged National Awards for their debut songs in cinema; Unnikrishnan way back in 1994 for the melody ‘Ennavale’ ( Kaadhalan ), and Uthra in 2015 for her debut song ‘Azhage’ in Saivam .

Who are the wives of Vasudeva?

Vasudeva married Devaki, and also had other wives such as Pauravi (daughter of Bahlika), Rohini, Bhadra, Madira and Vrikadevi. Rohini bore several sons, namely, Balarama, Sarana and Shatha.

What was Unnikrishnan first song?

He has also recorded songs for many non-film albums, tele-series, devotionals and classical collaborations. Unnikrishnan shot to fame with his debut film song “Ennavale” composed by A. R. Rahman for the film Kadhalan (1994).

What is the caste of Vasudev?

Lord Krishna appeared in Soma Vamsa as Son of Vasudeva,a Kshatriya.

Who was Balaram in his previous birth?

He is particularly significant in the Jagannath tradition, as one of the triad deities….

Born Gokul, Uttar Pradesh, India
Parents Vasudeva (father) Devaki (mother) Rohini ( surrogate mother)
Siblings Krishna and Subhadra ( half sister)

Who was Yashoda’s daughter?


Parents Sumukha (Father), Pataladevi (Mother)
Siblings Yashodhara, Yashodeva, Sudeva, Kumbhaka
Spouse Nanda
Children Krishna (foster-son) Balarama (foster-son) YogaMaya (daughter)