Who played Denholm Reynholm wife?

Who played Denholm Reynholm wife?

Played by Belinda Stewart-Wilson. This actress also played Barbara Reynholm, the widow of Denholm Reynholm; this puts her into the position of playing stepmother and wife to Douglas!

Who plays Mrs reynholm crowd?

Belinda Stewart-Wilson
Barbara Reynholm is played by British actress, Belinda Stewart-Wilson.

Why did Denholm leave it crowd?

Morris landed the role and starred in the first series and one episode of the second series, in which the character had to be killed off due to Morris’ unavailability because of his work on other shows.

Who are the main characters in The IT Crowd?

Maurice MossRichard AyoadeJen BarberKatherine ParkinsonDouglas ReynholmMatt BerryRoyChris O’DowdDenholm ReynholmChris MorrisRichmond AvenalNoel Fielding
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Who played Stephanie in the IT crowd?

Cast & crew

Belinda Stewart-Wilson Barbara
Silas Carson Derek Pippin (Denholm’s right hand man)
Alex Macqueen Vicar
Charlotte Weston Stephanie

Who played Will Mckenzies mum?

Belinda Stewart Wilson
Polly McKenzie (born September 25, 1971) is Will’s mother who is a sexual idol to many of the students of Rudge Park. In The Inbetweeners 2, Polly becomes engaged to Will’s former head of sixth form Mr….

Polly McKenzie
Portrayed By: Belinda Stewart Wilson
Gender Female
First seen: First Day
Last seen: The Inbetweeners 2

Who plays will Mckenzies mum?

WILL’S mum from The Inbetweeners was played by Belinda Stewart-Wilson. Something went wrong, please try again later. Invalid Email Yes, keep me in the know! Belinda played Polly McKenzie for all three series of The Inbetweeners as well as the two movies.

Who played Stephanie in The IT Crowd?

Who plays Judy in The IT Crowd?

Cheryl Fergison
Born 27 August 1965 London, England
Education Rose Bruford College
Occupation Actress
Years active 1992–present

Who played Julie in The IT Crowd?

Katherine Parkinson
Born Katherine Jane Parkinson 9 March 1978 Hounslow, London, England
Education St Hilda’s College, Oxford London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Occupation Actress
Years active 2001–present

Who is Polly Mackenzie husband?

Polly McKenzie
First seen: First Day
Last seen: The Inbetweeners 2
Family Mr. McKenzie – Ex-Husband Will McKenzie – Son Philip Gilbert – Fiancé
Status Alive

Who played Wills mum?

WILL’S mum from The Inbetweeners was played by Belinda Stewart-Wilson.

What is Will’s mum called?

Belinda is best known as Polly McKenzie, more commonly known as ‘Will’s fit mum’. And she will be back, this time on the big screen, in the Inbetweeners movie.

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Who plays Chris Denholm in the IT Crowd?

In the pilot of the American adaption of The IT Crowd, Denholm is played by American actor, Rocky Carroll. In the short-lived German adaption, Denholm’s character is renamed Bornholm and is played by German actor Sky du Mont.

What happened to Mike Denholm from IT department?

When Denholm committed suicide in 2007, all members of the IT Department seemed to be quite shocked and taken aback by the sudden fatality. However, Jen Barber said that she enjoyed informing the rest of the building of their boss’s death, though that may have only been as an attempt to seem more confident.

What happened to Denholm Reynholm’s son Douglas?

Denholm Reynholm was born to Mr. and Mrs. Reynholm around the middle of the 20th century. In his later life, he married and bore a son, Douglas Reynholm. He later divorced his wife and was remarried to Barbara Reynholm. In 2000, Denholm’s son Douglas mysteriously disappeared after a lengthy sexual abuse court case.