Who plays the evil stepsisters in Cinderella?

Who plays the evil stepsisters in Cinderella?

Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera are set to play the two mean stepsisters, Drisella and Anastasia, daughters of Lady Tremain (Cate Blanchett).

Who plays the stepsisters in Cinderella 2021?

Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer play Cinderella’s stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella, respectively. Just like their mother, Anastasia and Drizella despise Cinderella and take advantage of her while also making fun of her.

Who played the prince’s sister in Cinderella?

Anastasia Tremaine
First appearance Cinderella (1950)
Created by Ollie Johnston Wetzel Whitaker
Portrayed by Holliday Grainger (2015 film)
Voiced by Lucille Bliss (1950-1983) Tress MacNeille (1994-present) Lesli Margherita (singing voice in sequels)

Who does Emma Watson play in Cinderella?

Emma Watson Reveals Why She Chose To Play Belle Over Cinderella.

Who are Anastasia and Drizella?

Drizella is the older sister of Anastasia and the oldest daughter of Lady Tremaine. When she and her sister were children, their mother married a noble man with a daughter, Cinderella. After the death of Cinderella’s father, the three Tremaines became cruel and forced Cinderella into servitude within her own home.

Who plays cinderella2019?

Cinderella (2021 American film)

Based on “Cinderella” by Charles Perrault
Produced by James Corden Leo Pearlman Jonathan Kadin Shannon McIntosh
Starring Camila Cabello Idina Menzel Minnie Driver Nicholas Galitzine Billy Porter Pierce Brosnan
Cinematography Henry Braham

Why was Camila Cabello cast as Cinderella?

Directed and written by Kay Cannon, Cinderella follows the basic premise of Perrault’s tale but with a couple of changes to give it a somewhat modern touch. Starring as Cinderella is Camila Cabello in her acting debut, and as she’s best known for her music career, it makes sense to have her starring in a musical.

Who is Emma Watson’s favorite Disney princess?

Emma Watson joins the list of Disney princesses as book-loving Belle in the live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” which opens Friday. So who was her favorite Disney princess when she was growing up? “Obviously, a massive Belle fan,” says the “Harry Potter” alum.

Who is Cinderella’s new sister?

Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer are playing the evil stepsisters. Joining Menzel in Cinderella’s evil stepfamily, Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer star as the evil stepsisters.

Who is Drizella daughter?

Dizzy Tremaine (portrayed by Anna Cathcart) is the daughter of Drizella Tremaine (Cinderella), and works for her grandmother Lady Tremaine at “Curl Up & Dye” on Isle of the Lost.

Did Shawn Mendes try for Cinderella?

According to Entertainment Tonight, Cabello revealed that Mendes supported her while filming Cinderella. “He surprised me the week of the ball [scene], and he saw me do one of the scenes,” the pop star recalled. “So he was there for the whole beginning of it and was so supportive.

Who are the evil stepsisters in Cinderella?

In June 2013, it was reported that Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera joined the film as Cinderella’s two evil stepsisters, Anastasia and Drisella, respectively. [23] [24] Later that month, Helena Bonham Carter was cast as the Fairy Godmother. [25]

Was Lily Lily originally cast as Anastasia in Cinderella?

According to an interview with the British magazine The Radio Times, they called the Cinderella casting a role reversal, Lily originally auditioned for the role of Anastasia.

Who are the footmen in Cinderella 2015?

The Lizards replace Bruno the Bloodhound as the footmen in Cinderella (2015 Disney film). The Captain (portrayed by Nonso Anozie) is a character from the 2015 live-action Cinderella film who is loyal to Kit and his dad.

Does Anastasia get a make over in Cinderella?

With the help of Cinderella, Anastasia gets a make-over and becomes more beautiful, although her new looks never approach the same level as Cinderella. With help from Cinderella and her animal friends, Anastasia and the baker are reunited and reconciled, with Anastasia standing up to her mother in the process.