Why did the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion break up?

Why did the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion break up?

Spencer cited Bauer’s health issues as the main factor in the split. Watch him discuss the band’s end below. The trio formed the Blues Explosion in 1991, following Spencer’s tenure fronting the deliberately offensive 1980s garage rockers Pussy Galore.

Is Jon Spencer Blues Explosion still together?

In a 2018 interview, Spencer confirmed that the Blues Explosion had split permanently, offering as an explanation: “… everything got nipped in the bud when Judah [Bauer] got sick.

Where is Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from?

New York, NYThe Jon Spencer Blues Explosion / Origin

What happened to Jon Spencer?

Burnside, who started touring and working with The Blues Explosion in the mid-1990s after playing and living in obscurity for three decades. In 2022, he announced the end of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the debut of his new band, Jon Spencer & the Hitmakers, which includes Quasi’s Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss.

How old is Jon Spencer?

About 57 years (1965)Jon Spencer / Age

Who did John Spencer married?

GETTY IMAGES/Kevin Winter Actor John Spencer and his wife, Patricia Mariano, arrive at the 57th Annual Emmy Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sept.

How tall is John Spencer?

5′ 7″John Spencer / Height

Is John Spencer still alive?

December 16, 2005John Spencer / Date of death

What happened Leo McGarry?

John Spencer (Leo McGarry) died of a heart attack on December 16, 2005, about a year after his character experienced a nearly fatal heart attack on the show. Martin Sheen gave a brief memorial message before “The West Wing: Running Mates (2006)”, the first new episode that aired after Spencer’s death.

When did the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion perform in Australia?

In Melbourne, Australia, on September 6, 1997 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion performed “2Kindsa Love” / “Flavor” on ABC’s national, weekly morning youth program, Recovery. Jon Spencer can be seen running through the audience, around the set and destroying the “Blues Explosion” back drop.

Was the Blues Explosion thought out?

The Blues Explosion has never been particularly thought out; it really is just us getting together and playing rock ‘n’ roll. ^ McConnell, Dave (March 1993). “Jon Spencer interview”.

Was there a loud explosion heard in Sydney?

New South Wales police and emergency services said they could find no cause for a loud explosion heard across south-western Sydney. Photograph: Carly Earl/The Guardian Experts are baffled by reports of an explosion heard across south-west Sydney with no identified sources nor any indication as to where it came from.

Where did the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion record the extra width?

Recording sessions for the Extra Width, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s second studio album, took place in Memphis at Doug Easleys studio on November 23/24 and December 3, 1992 during the Jesus Lizard tour and at Waterworks Recording in New York with Jim Waters where all further overdubs and mixing was done.