Why does my WiFi icon look like a globe?

Why does my WiFi icon look like a globe?

When you click on the Globe icon, and there is no option to turn on WiFi, then it’s because the WiFi Adapter has been disabled. Locate your WiFi adapter on the next screen, and double click to enable it. To check for issues, you can right-click and choose to diagnose, which will launch the troubleshooter.

How do I give feedback in outlook?


  1. In Outlook on the web, select the question mark icon at the top right and then select Feedback.
  2. In any other Office web app, select Help > Feedback.

How do I suggest features in Microsoft?

Send feedback or suggest a feature

  1. Tap your profile picture.
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap Help & feedback .
  4. You have the option to: Get Help. . View Diagnostics. . Suggest a feature. . Send feedback. .

Why does my WiFi have ax next to it?

The Wi-Fi icon you are referring to means that the network source is not available. This may not be any issue with the Wi-Fi connection on your PC, unless you are unable to connect to a working wireless internet source via Wi-Fi at all.

What does the globe icon mean on my laptop?

The globe usually means that you’ve got a connection but that the unit you’re connected to can’t ‘see’ the Internet. Try rebooting whatever device you’ve connected to, or the device it’s connected to, in the case of a Wi-Fi extender.

What does the globe icon in Windows 10 denotes?

The globe says you are not connected to the Internet. You need to go Settings, Network & Internet and connect to the Internet by picking you network. You may have to enter the password then click on Connect.

Why do my deleted emails keep coming back in Outlook?

Summary: If deleted emails are not deleted permanently and come back in Outlook, it indicates a problem with the Outlook email client or the Offline Outlook data file (OST), preventing synchronization.

How do I change my status in Outlook?

To change your status in Outlook Online (Outlook in your web browser):…

  1. Click on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the status drop down menu below your email address. Note: You can also remove your status by clicking ‘Sign out of IM’.
  3. Select your current availability.

What is Microsoft white board?

Microsoft Whiteboard is an infinite, collaborative canvas for effective meetings and engaging learning. You can use Whiteboard to collaborate with other people and accomplish many activities, from brainstorming and planning to learning and workshops.

Why is my WiFi white?

If the status light is white and solid, it means that your modem is online, operational, and working exactly as intended. However, if you see the light blinking, it can mean that your modem is not set up properly, even if you can connect to the internet.

What is a 🌐?

Description. 🌐 = A globe with meridians. 🌍 = A globe with Europe, Africa and part of Asia visible. 🌎 = A globe with the Americas visible.

What is the globe icon on my laptop?

Just simply indicate your PC is connected by (Wifi/ethernet) to the world of the internet (globe).

What is the Wi-Fi icon?

The WiFi symbol, represented also as a stair-step icon, signifies available wireless internet connections.

How do I permanently delete from Outlook?

Permanently Delete an Email in Outlook Beyond Recovery To permanently delete a folder in Outlook, go to the Folders pane and select the folder. Press Shift+Del. Or, go to the Home tab, press and hold Shift, and select Delete. A dialog box opens and warns you that the message will be permanently deleted.

Why are deleted emails still in all mail?

If you delete a message from your Inbox or one of your custom folders, it will still appear in [Gmail]/All Mail. Here’s why: in most folders, deleting a message simply removes that folder’s label from the message, including the label identifying the message as being in your Inbox.

What does the white dot on Outlook mean?

This contact is engaged in a meeting or is scheduled to be in a meeting (as indicated in the Outlook calendar), but their computer has been inactive for the idle time period setting – 5 minutes by default. This status is set by Group Chat.