Will keeping magazines loaded weaken spring?

Will keeping magazines loaded weaken spring?

When left loaded to full capacity and not used, most magazines will very slowly lose some amount of spring tension over time. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say with any certainty just how long it will take before the spring loses enough tension to start causing issues.

Is it OK to keep my magazines loaded?

When using quality magazines with quality ammunition, stored and maintained properly, you can leave them loaded as long as you want to without any reservation.

What is the spring in a magazine called?

Magazine Springs Definition: A compression spring with oval or rectangular shaped coils placed inside of the magazine or charger of a firearm. A magazine spring’s function is to push up the bullets or rounds to be placed into the chamber.

Should you load your magazine to full capacity?

Load to 30 They were designed to be fully loaded to 30 and can be loaded successfully as such. Giving up 1 or 2 rounds simply takes away from the user’s capabilities and with an in-spec rifle, you should not have issues. Many feel it is important to load a standard A15 magazine to full (30 round) capacity.

How long can Pmags stay loaded?

The magazine was intended to be stored for only 10 years, however, Full Lead Taco forgot that it was in his gun safe for an additional 2 years before finally bringing it out of storage. The magazine was loaded and stored without the plastic dust/impact cover on top which many say will prevent feed lips from expanding.

What is magazine spring fatigue?

Spring fatigue occurs when a spring has been repeatedly compressed and returned to rest. Basically, fatigue is the eventual loss in some spring stiffness and force because of repeated use. All springs suffer fatigue as they do work, but magazine springs were designed to handle tens of thousands of rounds with little to no fatigue.

Does loading and unloading a magazine degrade the spring?

On the other hand, loading and unloading a magazine will degrade the spring’s usefulness over time. There is no real rule of thumb when it comes to this, so it’s always best to maintain good practices with your magazine springs just as you would your firearm.

Are magazine springs meant to be fully compressed?

Modern magazine springs are manufactured to maintain their function under stress. In other words, they’re meant to be fully compressed when the magazine is fully loaded. If you were to load a brand new magazine to it’s capacity and let it sit in that condition for years, it should be absolutely fine.

Is it bad to leave a loaded magazine fully loaded?

Even if you are 100% sure that there is no damage to the magazine or magazine spring, and that leaving it fully loaded will not hurt it one bit, you would also have to agree that there is absolutely no harm done by periodically rotating the magazines, rotating the ammunition, and/or replacing the magazines.