How do I fix E143 0 on DStv?

How do I fix E143 0 on DStv?

Fix “No communication from Primary Decoder E143-0” During Xtraview Installation

  1. Check your Signal Quality.
  2. Set your Diplexer Correctly if using One.
  3. Make sure you get the Heartbeat Cables right if Connected directly.
  4. Check the distance between the two Decoders.
  5. Check your heartbeat cable for faults.

What is a E108-4 error DStv?

E108-4 please assist. 9 mos Report. DStv. Hi Tebogo, the decoder is not receiving the signal from the dish. Switch off the decoder at the power plug and unscrew the signal cable at the back of the decoder, then connect it again.

Why is my DStv showing no communication from primary decoder?

The first cause of issues from primary decoder error occurs when your decoder hasn’t been activated by Multichoice. After you create an extra view connection, you must inform them of your signal activation. If you haven’t gotten the approval, you will experience a decoder error.

How do I fix error E143 4?


  1. Re check cable from the primary decoder – Check / try restarting your decoder.
  2. Check extra view port settings in the decoder settings.
  3. Check if heart beat is being received in the primary decoder settings.
  4. check and see if the pairing of the decoders is the same, to work on triple and extra view.

How do I convert a secondary decoder to a primary decoder?

Re: Changing secondary DSTV decoder (Xtraview) to Primary decoder. Go and visit them. Change the decoder to a Holiday Home decoder. Once that is done you can switch the decoder on and off and also transfer funds via the internet.

What does E04 4 mean on DStv?

E04-4:- Please insert the Smartcard; This occurs when the decoder can not read the card. E06-4:- The Smartcard is either faulty or has been inserted upside down. If it is faulty, please take it to the nearest agent; When this pop up, the decoder can detect the card but does not know what’s up.

How do I get rid of E30 4 error on DStv?

Conversation. Error E30-4? DStv Self Service has you covered! Dial *120*68584# from your mobile to clear the error.

How do I fix DStv E06 4 error?

E06-4 (Smartcard failure.) Please check if the smartcard is not damaged and gently re-insert smartcard. This channel is blocked because it may not be part of your package or your services may have been suspended. Visit Self Service to clear this error or to check your account balance.

How do I fix DStv waiting for communication from primary decoder?

How to correct the dstv decoder error. First, ensure your connection is approved by Multichoice. Inform them of all the secondary decoders in your setup to ensure you get a strong signal. They will activate your setup after some time, and it will get rid of the “waiting for communication from primary decoder” error.

How do I fix E143 4?

Why is my secondary decoder showing no signal?

Why your DStv says no signal? The reason your DStv says no signal is because there is an error in the DStv installation. This is caused by either a misaligned satellite dish, a faulty LNB, an improperly connected F-connector plug, loose cables or incorrect decoder settings on the LNB type.

How do I fix DStv E06-4 error?

What does E30-4 currently unable to view this channel mean?

E30-4 We are confirming your subscription. First of all let us start with what will cause a E30-4 Error. When your DStv decoder loses signal for a extended period of time it loses connection with the DStv satellite. Consequently when the connection is restored your DStv decoder needs to verify your account status.

How do I get rid of E04 4 error on DStv?

How do I fix E16 4 error on DStv?

You can fix the E16 error quick and easy from the DStv self-service website. Make sure you switch on your decoder and insert your Smartcard before continuing. Press the MENU button on your DStv remote control and next press 4 to check your messages. Make sure you have paid your DStv account before reactivation.

How do I fix error code E143 4?

What does waiting for communication from primary decoder mean?

Therefore ensure that you insist on DStv approved cable to ensure a stable xtraview setup. If you do have a “waiting for communication from primary decoder Explora ” error, bad quality or damaged cable could be the cause.