Should I keep the Reaper base or destroy it?

Should I keep the Reaper base or destroy it?

Saving the base will give you the human Reaper’s brain, which is 110 EMS. Destroying it gives you the human Reaper heart, which is 100 EMS.

How do you beat the Human Reaper in me2?

The Human-Reaper cannot be destroyed through conventional means. It possesses a number of ‘weak spots’ in its armor that must be damaged in order to take it down. These are located in the Reaper’s “eyes,” mouth cannon, and chest region.

What happens if you keep the collector base in Mass Effect 2?

If you save the Collector base: You earn Renegade Points. In the end scene of Mass Effect 2, the star behind the Illusive Man is red. (Or red and blue if Shepard died.) In Mass Effect 3, you learn that Cerberus kept the Reaper Brain from the Collector base.

Who should I take Reaper IFF?

There’s a ton of fighting on the Reaper ship, so you’ll want a squad that can fight. Grunt is arguably the best companion to add to your squad for this mission due to his incendiary ammo being useful against well-armored Scions, as well as his health regeneration and fortification ability.

What happens if you destroy Reaper base?

Furthermore, players that save the Collector Base will receive the Reaper Brain in Mass Effect 3, while those that destroy it will receive the Reaper Heart. The first of these two War Assets has a Military Strength of 110, and the latter has a Military Strength of 100, making them quite comparable.

Is the Illusive Man evil?

In essence, the player character in a game like the ME trilogy becomes us, the player. It is interesting, however, that the Illusive Man was created with the intention of not being a complete villain or a complete hero.

What happens if Tali dies in me2?

If Tali dies during Mass Effect 2, players will miss out on her gripping story during Mass Effect 3’s Geth Dreadnaught mission. Like many other characters in Mass Effect 2, Tali can die during the final suicide mission.

What happened to the Human Reaper in Mass Effect 2?

During this mission to Chronos Station, as Shepard battles the now-indoctrinated ranks of Cerberus, what remains of the Human Reaper, Mass Effect 2 ‘s final boss, can be seen. If Shepard decided to destroy the Collector Base, only the Human Reaper’s heart remains.

What happens at the end of Mass Effect 2?

At the end of Mass Effect 2, Shepard and their team finally embark on the Suicide Mission against the Reaper-controlled Collectors.

Should you destroy the collector base in Mass Effect 2?

To start, players will receive either Paragon or Renegade points depending on how they approach this choice in Mass Effect 2. More specifically, fans that opt to keep the Collector Base will earn quite a number of Renegade points, while those that decide to destroy it will get Paragon points instead.

What happened to the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2?

Taking Mass Effect 2’s Paragon route in destroying the Collector Base angers the Illusive Man, who now sits in front of a bright blue star and tells Shepard that the technology destroyed along with the base could have secured human dominance in the Milky Way against the Reapers and beyond.