What is the strongest gun in Resident Evil 2?

What is the strongest gun in Resident Evil 2?

1. “Lightning Hawk” Magnum. The Lightning Hawk is one of the most powerful gun you will have access to throughout the entirety of the game. You will be able to obtain this relatively early on in the game, and will be able to kill most common enemies in a single shot.

Is Resident Evil 2 better on N64 or PS1?

N64 versions generally had better graphics, even though it was limited in other areas. FMV cutscenes were generally absent, though Resident Evil 2 on the N64 has the FMV cinematics from the PS1 version.

Do zombies come back to life Resident Evil 2?

A lot of headshots. Three headshots (give or take) will knock a zombie down for a minute, but they usually get back up. If you continue pumping headshots into their head, it will eventually pop. Probably.

What pistol is better re2?

SLS 60. The SLS 60 is Claire’s standard issue pistol that you receive at the start of the game. Underpowered but full of potential, this pistol is made much more useful when you pick up the reinforced frame upgrade, which allows you to load it with stronger ammo, turning it into a magnum-style sidearm.

Is Resident Evil 2 on GameCube a remake?

Resident Evil 2 is different. And really, how could it not be? The GameCube Resident Evil remake came out well before Resident Evil 4 revolutionized the action game genre, let alone Resident Evil 7’s bold first-person reassertion of the series’s horror relevance.

Is N64 version of re2 good?

As technically impressive as it was, the N64 version of Resident Evil 2 still lacked detail compared to the PlayStation original. The audio is perhaps the most impressive thing about this port.

How many shots are in a re2?

three bullets
In Resident Evil 2, it will take about three bullets from your default 9mm pistol to knock a zombie down, and only if they’re all headshots. If the zombie’s head explodes with one of these shots, it’s dead, and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Can u Dodge in Resident Evil 2?

there is no real “Dodge” in the game, you can bait the attack then back up or evade the strike by moving quickly as you see the wind up, or in the case of zombies you can stagger them with a solid shot to the head then run past before they plant their feet on the ground again.

How do you get unlimited weapons in re2?

How to Unlock Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 2

  1. Samurai Edge handgun – Complete the game on Standard difficulty, with an S rank.
  2. LE 5 submachine gun – Complete the game on Hardcore difficulty, with an S rank.
  3. ATM-4 rocket launcher – Complete Leon’s campaign on Hardcore difficulty, with an S rank.