Where should I start PJ Harvey?

Where should I start PJ Harvey?

If you’ve previously cowered from the sublime Polly Jean, or if you just want to reconnect with her, start with her pop record, or, as she called it, “pop according to PJ Harvey, which is probably as un-pop as you can get to most people’s standards”.

Does PJ Harvey still perform?

there are currently no upcoming events.

Did Nick Cave and PJ Harvey have a relationship?

Nick Cave has spoken about the end of his relationship with PJ Harvey. The two became involved in the mid 90s, and the demise of their time together prompted his heart-on-sleeve 1997 album ‘The Boatman’s Call’.

Is PJ Harvey a grunge?

If PJ Harvey started out as a kind of impulsive grunge rocker who screamed her mind, this album sees her step into her current form: a thoughtful storyteller—more interested in the world around her, than whatever lies inside.

Are PJ Harvey and Mick Harvey related?

Since then, they’ve neared orbits — both writing songs for the same Marianne Faithfull album, Harvey welcoming Cave’s former Bad Seeds and Birthday Party bandmate and “Red Right Hand” cowriter Mick Harvey (no relation) into her band — but they’ve kept a distance.

Is Nick Cave still married?

Nicholas Edward Cave AO (born 22 September 1957) is an Australian singer, songwriter, author, screenwriter, composer and occasional actor….Nick Cave.

Nick Cave AO
Years active 1973–present
Spouse(s) Viviane Carneiro ​ ​ ( m. 1990; div. 1996)​ Susie Bick ​ ​ ( m. 1999)​
Partner(s) Anita Lane (1977–1983)
Children 4

How many albums has PJ Harvey released?

PJ Harvey performing live in 2008. The discography of PJ Harvey, an English alternative rock musician, consists of nine studio albums, two collaboration albums with John Parish, twenty-two singles, one extended play, three compilation albums and a number of collaborations with other artists.

How many albums has Tua Harvey sold in the US?

In the United Kingdom, five of Harvey’s albums have been certified Silver, one certified Gold and one certified Platinum, amounting to total sales of over 800,000 copies. In the United States, her albums have collectively sold over 1.5 million copies as of 2007, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Who is PJ Harvey and why is she famous?

PJ Harvey’s discography speaks for itself. She inspired Kurt Cobain. She soundtracked the fury and malaise of ’90s third-wave feminism. She fraternized with Nick Cave and lost her blue-eyed girl in the river. She’s come to us with visions of bright new love and with the horrors of World War I. She’s lain with the devil and cursed God above.

Why did PJ Harvey write the piano?

PJ Harvey knew next to nothing about playing the piano, so naturally she decided to write an entire album around the piano, including a tension-filled song called (yes) “The Piano.” The songs are brief, stark, and eerie.